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Flight Instruction

   EASA FI(a) - Flight Instruction for aircraft
   Instruction for PPL(a) class Single Engine Piston Land and for Night VFR rating
   Differences or familiarisation training

Ground Instruction

   EASA TKI - Theoretical Knowledge Instruction
   Instruction for PPL(a) theory courses :
      - General Knowledge: Airframes, Systems & Instruments
      - Principles of Flight
      - Navigation
      - Communication
      - Air Law and ATC Procedures
      - Operational Procedures
      - Flight Performance and Planning
      - Human Performance & Limitations
      - Meteorology
   Instruction for PPL(h) theory bridge course

Teach & Learning products

   Custom made theory material on demand :
      - Slideshows ( Keynote or PDF )
      - Spreadsheet material ( Mass and Balance calculators, Navigational or Celestial calculators )
      - Animations ( Image or HTML5 based )
      - Basic applications for websites written in HTML/CSS/PHP - MySQL database