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Navigation Ruler

   The Clover Leaf Navigation Ruler allows the pilot to make neat chart preparations for your next navigation flight.

   It has following features :
      - Draw neat and consistent Leg Symbols ( Square / Circle / Triangle )
      - Draw neat and consistent Doghouses
      - Draw TimeTicks, each 2 minutes on a 1:250.000 chart or each 4 minutes on a 1:500.000 chart
   Speed range 60 to 180 Kts for the TimeTicks

   Kindly click following links to access video or PDF for more info :
   Ruler Video    Ruler PDF

   Will be available at several Flight Schools, Clubs and online Pilot Shops.
   Target price € 10 to € 12 VAT non included.
   Kindly contact for general inquiries or bulk purchases.

Navigation Ruler